Friday, 23 September 2011

Jacob Twilight vs Nathan Abduction

I can't wait to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, and so are u! Itu penangan after watching Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in Abduction. Hoho! I just watched it in GSC One Utama, special screening. My colleague won a contest from Galaxy's magazine online (hahaha, xnak mengaku still beli galaxy la tu).. Haha.. Takut kena bahan. If I'm not mistaken the last time I bought Galaxy was during my Uni time. Hehehe.... By the way, we really thank him so much for the tickets... Dapat ticket free pun still nak bahan orang.. Alahaaiiii... Hehe.. Notyyy!

To me it was a good thriller movie, to cut it short, it was about a teenager that found his entire life was a lie. I rated it 3.5 out of 5. Thrill... Go watch it! Watch hot Taylor Lautner.

***from time to time during the movie I was imagining Taylor Lautner jadi wolf... Haha..

***Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be released in November! I pray hard my colleague will win another contest for the special screening! High hopes! Hehe.

The special ticket! =)

Jom mimpi Taylor Lautner!


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